Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Actual Transcript

DB: Hello, Banhart residence. 
SFJ: Hey, Devendra? 
DB: I'm sorry, who's this? 
SFJ: It's Sasha. Sasha Frere-Jones, at the New Yorker? 
DB: Um, hey, what's up, Sasha. 
SFJ: Hey well listen. I've just heard your new record, and I've decided it's too white. 
DB: You have? I mean--have you heard the record--? 
SFJ: Well, not exactly. I've, I've heard of it. 
DB: Because it's actually, actually like a quarter of the record is in Spanish. I've been listening to a lot of Latin music lately, and I've been listening to a lot of Brazilian music, and I decided I wanted a lot more of sort of a South American feel on this one. 
SFJ: But why not go for more of a black feel. 
DB: What? 
SFJ: I mean like, you're a big fan of the new R. Kelly album, right? 
DB: Well, sure, I-- 
SFJ: So why not go for a sound more like that? You know, black. 
DB: Well--I mean, if you listen to the record, I think you'll hear an awful lot of, like, Gilberto Gil, and--  
SFJ: --but why? Why Gilberto Gil, and not somebody black? Like R. Kelly? [awkward silence] 
DB: You--you don't know who that is, do you. 
SFJ: Black people are so soulful! And they love sex! You like that song, "Freaky in the Club"? 
DB: How did you get this number. 
SFJ [singing]: Get freaky in the cluuuuub! Get freaky in the cluuuuuub! 
DB: [click] 
SFJ: Get fr--hello? Hello?

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Blogger Judd said...

Well done.

October 25, 2007 at 3:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha...


October 28, 2007 at 6:06 PM  

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