Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kutiman Broke the Internet

You LOVE this! Israeli producer Kutiman made a whole little album of YouTube mashups, and put them on this website,, which then CRASHED, HARD, because the entire internet wanted to hear these songs at once. Of course they did! They're in them! My favorite things about this project: 1) how talented some of these people actually turn out to be when subjected to the remix treatment, 2) that these sad earnest dudes are now famous, 3) the way he works with wonky acoustics of the original samples. Here are the rest of the songs from Thru You; they are all as poignant and attractive as the one I posted above (Hey piano people, is that a Chopin sample?) 1. Mother of All Funk Chords 2. This Is What It Became 3. I'm New (see also above) 4. Babylon Band 5. Someday 6. Wait for Me 7. Just a Lady 8. and finally a video of Kutiman explaining the project. Don't thank me—thank loyal reader Greg B.! Now, Internet, I want somebody to make a band that consists entirely of YouTube kittens playing theremins and walking across keyboards, if you would be so kind.

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