Monday, May 18, 2009

Move Over, Tyler Perry

Hooray, Alex Ross went to the Yale Baroque Opera Project's production of Il Giasone by Cavalli, and had some kind words for my good friend Michael Sansoni, who "vividly etched the comic part of Demo." It's true, Mike was hilarious in the performance I saw as well. Of all the singers, I thought he managed to get the most mileage out of the jokes in the libretto. What surprised me was how much there was to get out of the libretto in the first place. It's an opera about Medea! And it's laugh-out-loud funny! That's why I'm so frustrated that (as Ross notes on his blog) the Harmonia Mundi recording, spectacular to hear, is available only as an mp3 download, with no booklet. Could HM please put up a PDF with the English translation on Amazon, or iTunes, or their own website? (And as an addendum to Ross's Cavalli discography, I should note that there's a DVD of La Didone out, which I haven't seen but it's Fabio Biondi conducting and that kid is hot stuff.) But yeah, c'mon people. I'd like an English translation with my four hours of Italian recitative, please.

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