Friday, June 5, 2009

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Steve Reich's MySpace has been PIMPED by the addition of a TWITTER CONTEST WIDGET to promote the premiere of his new piece, 2x5, opening for Kraftwerk in Manchester, UK on July 2. Here's how the contest works: First, follow Steve Reich's Twitter feed. Well, it's not really Steve Reich's Twitter feed, it's Fake Steve Reich's Twitter feed, but he's relinquished it, but it's been resurrected by Boosey & Hawkes for this concert, so maybe think of it as ZOMBIE FAKE STEVE REICH'S Twitter feed. Anyway twice next week, Zombie Fake Steve Reich will twitter five prompts (2x5, GET IT???). Respond to all ten prompts and you'll be entered to win two seats at the sold-out concert, a dinner at The Market, and two nights at the Radisson. No airfare, but still this is a great contest for people who live in England or own a dirigible. (Please note that a dirigible has just been added to my Amazon wishlist.) So, fun! Hop to it.



Anonymous Sarah said...

Hey, thanks for posting!

Our fancy widget has a live feed of all contest entries, for voyeur-types. Just sayin'...

Boosey & Hawkes

June 8, 2009 at 2:57 PM  

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