Thursday, February 3, 2011

Get Pierced Tonight

Hey, but so, New Havenites, I'm gonna go to this New Music New Haven concert at Sprague tonight, and you probably should too! I stupidly failed to mention Daniel Wohl's excellent Aorta for piano & electronics in my writeup of the Ecstatic Music Festival, even though it was one of the marathon's most successful uses of electronics, and he's got a piece on tonight's program, too (Pixelated for piano, toy piano, and glockenspiel—sounds cool); the headliner is David Lang, whose Pierced I don't know but am very much looking forward to. Other composers: Paul Kerekes, Garth Neustadter, Loren Loiacono, and the always reliable Jordan Kuspa. 8pm tonight, free.

Oh, and if you're NOT in New Haven, you can get watch high-quality streaming video here, also free! Hooray!

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