Thursday, February 3, 2011

Two Turntables and a Microphone Two Pianos, Four Hands

New Yorkers, and I know you're reading this, after work tonight you should probably all go to LPR and check out this crazy thing! Bruce Brubaker, whose records you really need to hear (I have listened to his Glass/Cage CD, Glass Cage, MANY MANY TIMES, and he also has a very cool CD of himself playing the music of Philip Glass and William Duckworth, Time Curve Preludes, and really just check out everything he's recorded, I don't think there's a dud out there and you'll get to know some great composers you never heard of before such as Duckworth and Alvin Currin) is putting on a very unusual sort of recital, which is that he and his student Francesco Tristano are both going to play solo piano pieces by different composers AT THE SAME TIME. Here's them doing the same thing at a different show, so that you can hear Philip Glass's Mad Rush with an atonal melody on top of it: It kind of makes sense, right?? It's a little like the Rambler's Bloggariddims mixes, but LIVE. ANyway this is completely great, and next year everyone will be doing it. Right?

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