Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Whoa Wait a Minute!

After all my razzin' yesterday I forgot to remind everybody to go hear Nico's concert at Merkin Hall, this Thursday (May 8) at 8 p.m. His new material is very, very strong; honestly, I think his forthcoming CD, Mothertongue, stands head and shoulders above his previous effort, and you know how much I liked that one. Buy tickets here.


Grrg said...

What are we to make that the cover art looks so much like a Fisherspooner album? I can't decide...

anon said...

It thought that it was from a documentary.

Dan Johnson said...

Ew NO!

And it does not look like Fischerspooner. Sh.

However you're free to point out the resemblance between this and Andrew WK.

Marcus said...

Such a great image on so many levels....I hope it is the true cover art for the release.

1. Are they the lips of the altar boy preparing to receive a 'special' sacrament from young father Tim?

2. Are the lips the entrance to a mythical dark pulsing polyrythmic place of a moment of muscical ecstasy?

3. A way to get to Narnia?

It all makes me want it now. Great work, guys.