Saturday, May 26, 2007


Get into the Books. They have a new DVD--PLAYALL--for sale on their website, they're going to be playing a free set at this year's massive Ban on a Can Marathon (alongside such other awesomenesses as Juana Molina, Yo La Tengo, and many, many, many more), and their '05 record Lost & Safe has some of the most ingenious uses of found sound I've ever heard in music. But most importantly, they have created... the Spoon Box: The Spoon Box uses two speakers emitting low-frequency sound to make a pair of ordinary measuring spoons bounce up and down on columns of air. The piece playing on the Spoon Box in this clip also samples everyday kitchen noises so that the spoons won't feel out of place. You can even order your own Spoon Box from the Books website, and wow visitors to your home with the power of sound. Spoon Box.

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