Thursday, March 27, 2008


See latest update here! I think the coup de grâce in this whole ongoing Berkshire Record Outlet fiasco has to be that yesterday, a day after JoJo had already complained that they had charged him almost $2500 for a $50 order, but before they refunded his money, they went ahead and charged him the $50 anyway, thereby incurring another overdraft fee with his bank. Brilliant. At least we finally got a refund on the overcharge today, plus the bank fees, so we can buy food and moving supplies and the like. But no apologies, and certainly no attempt to make up to us the colossal inconvenience. Oh, and the order hasn't shipped either. UPDATE to the UPDATE: Bank of America just charged JoJo another overdraft fee. He called to get it removed, and they told him to call back again tomorrow. (The order still hasn't shipped.) UPDATE to the UPDATE to the UPDATE: Called and got the new fee removed this morning. I think that makes four phone calls we've made to resolve their error. UPDATE to the oh you get the idea: It has been pointed out I should have referred to the latest fee on JoJo's account as the coup de grâce or "death-blow," and not as I referred to in my haste and irritation, as a coup de gras or, best as I can figure it, "fat-blow." It was not a fat-blow. Neither was it really a death-blow, I guess, but the cliché fit. Anyway the order has still not shipped. Also, still no apology. ETC: The shipment came! Hooray! "I didn't get a delivery notice," says JoJo. Hmph!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing. I'm sure that the rules are equaly flexible on both sides... Seriously. I WONT EVER BUY ANYTHING AGAIN FROM THEM. On-line selling is a matter of TRUST. If they behave this way with such great clients as you I prefer not to imagine what would happen in my case.

March 28, 2008 at 1:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dersu said:

You know that living in the Berkshires is not cheap. Maybe they are just updating the minimun order with the inflation, form $15.00 to....

"To place an Order:
"MINIMUM $2,500.00 (including shipping) PLEASE ON ALL ORDERS.

If you happen to be in the Berkshires on a Saturday, come to visit our retail shop. We'll fill your order while you browse."

Next time try Taiga Record Outlet!

March 28, 2008 at 1:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've never had a problem with them. Then again I always cut them a check so if an order has an error it's easy enough to fix. I wouldn't go hating on them though. They're still a decent company even though this episode disturbs me.

March 28, 2008 at 2:46 PM  

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