Thursday, October 2, 2008

Murder in High Heels

Please people, when visiting Cameron Carpenter's website, set aside the immediate questions (Why is he naked? Is that eyeshadow? Is this the website for a gay techno singer? No seriously why is he naked) and skip straight to the serious questions, such as How in the world does he do this? That's CC's own arrangement of the "Revolutionary" Etude of Chopin, the left-hand part given over to a fleet and flashy pair of kicks. Is this the next Virgil Fox? Does the world need or even want another Virgil Fox? Did we really need the first Virgil Fox? Do we— Wait, wait, wait, stop. I apologize. People, we are too old to complain about "mere" virtuosity. I am going to shut my mouth now, give silent thanks that there is this much talent sitting on an organ bench someplace, and continue hoping that he will use these enormous powers for good. That is all. Carpenter's new CD, Revolutionary, came out last week on the Telarc label. Dig.

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Blogger Unknown said...

I, for one, welcome our new organ virtuosic overlords.

October 3, 2008 at 3:12 PM  
Blogger Maury D'annato said...

Quite astonishing. Did you click on through on the website and see this little bit of text that amused me very much? "the American organist who has been compared to Fred Astaire (The New York Times), Michael Phelps (EDGE Publications)
and most recently Louis Moreau Gottschalk."

Well, Louis Moreau Gottschalk. You don't get compared to him every day. Or, um, ever, because it's such an absurdly narrow reference!

October 5, 2008 at 9:13 PM  

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