Tuesday, May 27, 2008

...And Again

You're welcome! I have just discovered that the long-out-of-print Julie Andrews/Moondog collaboration, Tell It Again, went quietly back into print just a few months after I blogged about it here. Sepia Records has remastered it and bundled it with a helping of other early Andrews on a collection entitled, natch, Once Upon a Time, available wherever fine nostalgia CDs are sold. I'll just go ahead and assume that I personally provided the impetus for the remastering and re-release of this album, all within a three-month period. I'm incredibly powerful in the music industry. Still no word on a score or recording of Moondog's 36-part canon, "Well, Well Dukel," a.k.a. Symphony #40. But hopefully now that I've mentioned it again this too will magically come to pass.

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