Saturday, June 14, 2008

Call for Scores! (And Metronomes!)

Attention composers! I got a Very Special call for scores in my inbox from R. Timothy Brady, composer, activist, and founder of Soulbird, an organization promoting social justice and the arts. Brady's off to Iraq in a few days (making a film!) and wants to take your music with him.
I am trying to either organize a new music festival while I'm there this summer or for the future - perhaps the scores will jump start some interest. Most of the youth we will be working with (Ages 12-26) only get to see maybe 2 pieces a year to practice, and this includes students at the conservatories. Resources are very, very limited...The war has destroyed many libraries and archives. Specifically, I'd be looking for solo pieces, and chamber ensembles pieces... If they're interested, please have them send scores THIS WEEK to: Soulbird c/o R. Timothy Brady PO Box 230142 New York, NY 10023 Please also have the composers include their contact into directly on the score somewhere. Also, if anyone is interested in donating a metronome, that would be amazing as well. We're looking for about 8 for the Academy.

Got it? Iraq needs metronomes, very badly, and new music. Please send (postmark) by Wed. June 18.

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